All set for a 'HAPPY DIWALI' ???

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Diwali is just round the corner, so as the shopping for new clothes, home decor and so many gifts. Hence we introduce - 'Diwali Home Decor Tips & Tricks' by Mukta Basandani from Creativity at Home.

Why to spend a lot for decorative lamps and other home decor items, when we can create wonderful things at home all by ourselves? Follow these simple steps to lighten up your home interiors or exteriors wherever you feel like :

  • Step 1: Use orange peel as Diya for your entrance. Put cotton and oil to make diya. 
  • Step 2: Place a tissue paper below the orange peel so tht your floor does nt get oily.
  • Step 3: Put Golden sequins all around the Diya.
Your entrance is all set to welcome with natural essence and creativity.
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