Looking for some cool and easy DIY ideas to decorate your home the best ???

Looking for some cool and easy DIY ideas to decorate your home the best ???

Take a peek Inside Mukta Basandani's home. Artist and Founder of Creativity of Creativity at home gives you some simple, quick and stylish tips for Diwali.
1. Fairy lights
Market is flooded with different lamps but there is something magical about Fairy light. You can do a lot with them. Put them in bottles, drape them around mirror, write names.
Fairy Lights Fun
2. Floating flower arrangement
Diwali is incomplete without flower decoration. Keep them in vases in all your rooms. They bring a immediate festive touch to your home.
Floating Flowers
3. Table setting 
Lay your buffet table stylishly by using Candle stands along your food.
If you don't have candle stands then put candles on bottles or you can even put floating candles in glasses. Put some rose petals around the glass.
Table Decorations
4. Baskets for goodies
Make your own Dry fruit baskets with Disposable glasses and Ribbons. Just a small a feather for decoration would do.
Goodies Baskets
5. Fruit platter presentation 
Make orange peels as bowl. Fruit carving looks super stylish. You can make a boat with Papaya and place fruits in it as passengers.
Creative Fruit Platter
We hope now you can easily decorate your home without  doing much of expenses with these simple DIY steps by cool & creative Mommy - Mukta.
Stay Tuned for more ideas and keep subscribing, keep sharing.
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